Turning Data into Dollars: Framework and Capabilities for Successful Data Monetization
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  Anne Buff   Anne Buff
Advisory Business Solutions Manager


Monday, September 19, 2016
02:45 PM - 04:15 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

There is little argument that there is value in data. In fact, many executives would say their data is one of their most valuable business assets. Yet as we progress further into the age of digitization, many of those same executives are asking “How do we use data to drive revenue?” or “Where’s the money in data?” It is much easier to consider and treat data as a valuable asset than it is to monetize it and actually generate value from it.

In this session, we will introduce a framework to help you understand multiple methods for monetization and build a strategy for successful business value generation through data. We will also explore various types of information offerings; the non-negotiable skills and capabilities necessary to deliver them; facets of information business cultures and areas of potential competitive advantage.

What You Will Learn:

  • Monetization in the context of consumer use
  • The difference between internal and external monetization
  • The relationship between data consumption and data monetization
  • Business behaviors and values that foster data monetization

Anne Buff is a Business Solutions Manager and Thought Leader for SAS Best Practices, a thought leadership organization at SAS institute. As a speaker and author she specializes in the topics of data governance, MDM, data integration and data monetization. Anne has been a specialist in the world of data for almost 20 years and serves as a VP on board for the Data Governance Professionals Organization (DGPO). In her current role, she leverages her training and consulting experience and her data-savviness to lead best practices workshops and facilitate intra-team dialogs to help companies realize their “data potential”.

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