Smart Data Lakes: Revolutionizing Enterprise Analytics
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  Sean Martin   Sean Martin
Cambridge Semantics
  Barry Zane   Barry Zane
VP Engineering
Cambridge Semantics


Wednesday, September 21, 2016
09:30 AM - 10:15 AM

Level:  Business/Strategic

A new era of analytics is emerging, fueled by the speed, accuracy and completeness of data provide by Smart Data Lakes

As the quantity and diversity of relevant data grows within and outside of the enterprise, business users and IT are struggling to extract maximum value from their data. Fortunately, recent developments in big data technologies have significantly impacted the proficiency of contemporary analytics; the most profound of these involving the deployment of semantically enhanced Smart Data Lakes.

Organizations can now truly reap the benefits of analyzing an organization’s entire set information assets with the application of semantics at scale. The Cambridge Semantics Smart Data Lake’s graph query engine can analyze billions of triples (the atomic unit of data in the semantic web) in a short amount of time.

The result? The ability to issue more queries, utilize more data and get results quicker, so that all enterprise data becomes relevant.

  • Deploy Enterprise knowledge graph to "surf" and query all data intuitively and without specialized analytics knowledge
  • Semantic models easily capture and deliver 'meaning" of data with all inherent relationships and attributes
  • Ad hoc data discovery and analytic tools so business users in any department can get answers to questions, as well as, generate questions they didn't think to ask before
  • Democratized Big Data, so essentially everyone can now discover and analyze all the data - applying governance, security and flexible policies

Sean Martin has been on the leading edge of Internet technology innovation since the early nineties. His greatest strength has been the identification and pioneering of next generation software & networking technologies and techniques. Prior to founding Cambridge Semantics he spent fifteen years with IBM Corporation where he was a founder and the technology visionary for the IBM Advanced Internet Technology Skunkworks group. Sean has an astonishing number of Internet "firsts" to his credit. These include inventing and implementing both IBM's first Web application server and content-manager, WOM, along with its distributed Web application hosting environment, the Womplex, not to mention a number of other important web site scaling and load balancing technologies.

Barry Zane is VP of Engineering at Cambridge Semantics. He brings substantial product development experience and industry expertise in building large-scale products for data analysis. Prior to Cambridge Semantics, Barry was co-founder and CEO of SPARQL City where he served as VP of Technology, whose high performance scalable graph database technology has been acquired by Cambridge Semantics and integrated within its Smart Data Lake and other offerings. Previously, Barry was co-founder and CTO of Paraccel, a high performance scalable relational database system which provides the basis for Amazon Redshift. Paraccel was acquired by Actian Corporation as the Matrix product line. He was a co-founder and VP of Technology & Architecture at Netezza, which after a successful IPO, was acquired by IBM. Before Netezza, Barry was CTO of Applix, Inc. Applix was also later acquired by IBM. Barry began his career at Prime Computer, as a hardware engineer and ultimately various roles in softwa

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