Innovative Options for the Analytics Architecture of 2020
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  Luminita Vollmer   Luminita Vollmer
Enterprise and Information Architecture Champion
Thrivent Financial


Wednesday, September 21, 2016
02:45 PM - 03:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

We are approaching 2020 with the speed of overwhelming connectivity to all sorts of things; the future is not that far away anymore. Are you prepared to build the architecture required for the analytics of tomorrow? Are you prepared to support your operations, your partners, your customers?

Innovation is not only technology but also how we think about data, modify our processes and we partner with everyone on the team, in the company, outside, in the cloud. I will show you how to conquer complexity by failing fast; learn from failures to gain confidence and experience; and grow super stars on the team to save the day. Sometimes. Other times I will show how robust architectures can change the outcomes to match the strategies. And make you the superhero when your company is still on the Fortune list after the next few years.

This session provides a design thinking approach for several challenges facing an architect at a time when technology changes rapidly, the business runs past IT and IT is left holding yesterday's technology:

  • Analytics Architecture must have's
  • Required fluency with top technologies that impact the future enterprise
  • Strategic framework for the digital business model
  • Analytics from the top down supported from the bottom up
  • Specific interconnected technologies and necessary changes in the organization
Customer expectations, pains brought by the new start-ups, and gaps in data security are a few of the big items to consider in your architecture. Correctly assessing and deploying a digital strategy, cybersecurity, an informed workforce - will all pay off when the analytics architecture is in line with the future and you are one step ahead of the competition.

Luminita is a passionate champion for Enterprise and Information Architecture with extensive experience in Enterprise Information Management and new data and digital technologies . Her experience spans several industries - banking, insurance and finance, manufacturing, health care. She holds an undergraduate degree in MIS/Business/Finance from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, and an MBA from St. Thomas College in St. Paul Minnesota. Luminita is an active member of the local DAMA MN chapter, TwinCities Business Architecture forum (TCBAF) and Architecture (AES); she is a volunteer and board member for the Bloomington-Izumi SisterCity organization in Bloomington, MN ( Luminita is a CDMP and CBIP certified data architect.

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