Comparative Reference as the Key to Data Portrayal and Understanding
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  John Miglautsch   John R Miglautsch
Miglautsch Marketing


Wednesday, September 21, 2016
01:45 PM - 02:30 PM

Level:  Business/Strategic

The goal of virtually all investment in data has been to generate ROI somehow. The mission is to have data show us where our customers, marketing, brand, benefits have the most impact. Where are we winning and where are we losing? What should we expand and where should we cut back? And as data professionals, our value is tied to our ability to illustrate how data connects with that ROI. In spite of the importance of illustrating this connection, few data scientists seem to understand the fundamental importance of contextual comparison.

In this session we will cover:

  1. What context neutral data looks like - hint - it is likely how you are looking at it now
  2. Why so little data is presented with enough context to give understanding
  3. How to give context to several key data types
  4. Customer/Market penetration and geo-demographic skew
  5. Media performance/attribution
  6. Product performance with marketing investment
  7. How to extend these principles to any application you are trying to dashboard or illustrate

John - Spoken at 50+ DMA events since 1987. He taught database marketing, testing and analytics across North America, UK and Asia. His book, Spinning Straw Into Gold, highlights 30 years of direct marketing experiences. Past clients: over 50 catalog companies. Miglautsch Marketing pioneered open source marketing databases coupled with automated modeling in the 90's. We have built thousands of customer models. Database clients like Guitar Center, Adobe, Eastbay, The Bay and dozens of catalog companies, have proven our circulation management improves profitability and also fuels growth.  In the past 6 years we won 11 blind uniques tests against 8 of the world's best modelers. 

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